P to the Power of 3 = Passive Income

Preparation X Preselected Properties X Partnership = Passive Income

Passive income: income received regularly, with little effort required to maintain it. Closely related to the concept of “unearned income”.

Passive income: earnings derived from a rental property or limited partnership or another enterprise you are not actively involved in.

Passive income: the money you earn while sitting on a beach sipping mojitos.

Gert Van Staden CEO P3 Presentation
What would you be doing today if your income simply arrived in your account each month, not because you are working day in and day out, but because you invested intelligently in income-producing and capital growth-generating property?
Passive income is a regular income that arrives month after month, year in and year out, regardless of whether you are working or not.
Property investment is the fastest and simplest way to create passive income and earn capital growth, to secure passive income so you can retire and to build wealth for future generations.

The P3 Investment Group is a club of 2500 private property investors who are focussed on:

* securing a financially free retirement sooner and, then,

* building wealth for current and future generations

They do this by investing in property assets that deliver:

* Passive income, hedged against inflation, in the form of a monthly rental that continues year after year and keeps pace with inflation for life, and even beyond

* steady capital growth year after year that keeps pace with inflation

Fast-tracking and streamlining their progress by implementing a 3-Pronged approach:

 Preparation Pre-selected Properties Partnership
     * the 12-step P3 System to fast-track property investment success * our team of property experts specialise in cherry picking investment properties * a mentor to guide and assist you every step of the way, so you always have support
   * a manual for implementing the 12 steps to save time and reduce risk * selected from a range of sources: new developments, existing properties, instalment sale properties, distressed sales * a range of custom-designed services at preferential rates and service levels
 * a personalised Roadmap to Wealth detailing your step-by-step path to passive income (retirement) and wealth * the properties are screened according to the stringent P3 Scorecard criteria * from pre-selected partners for convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
* advanced custom-designed software for improved decision-making * the details of these pre-screened and pre-selected investment opportunities are delivered straight into your inbox * solutions and risk management tools to minimise risk and simplify each step
to ensure you are prepared, confident and efficient as you successfully and independently invest in property to secure an ongoing income for your retirement, and create wealth. to save you time, reduce your risk and fast-track your investment success. to fast-track and streamline the property investment process, saving time, reducing cost and risk and exponentially improving your investment returns.

P3 Investment Group was established in 2003 to fast-track and maximise the path to a passive income and to building wealth through property investment, assisting its members every step of the way.

We do this by efficiently and conveniently bringing together in a 3-pronged approach all the resources and solutions you need to create passive income and wealth through property investment, at preferential rates and at improved service levels from pre-selected and pre-screened partners.

If you are ready to create passive income and capital growth by investing in property, we invite you to join us to access all the resources and solutions to maximise and streamline your property investment journey.